A Look at Regal Assets and Gold Investments: What Prospective Buyers and Sellers Should Know

Regal Assets is a precious metals firm that offers, among others, gold bullions and coins from various countries around the world. The company enjoys an A+ rating in Better Business Bureau listings as well as a 5-star rating on TrustLink, BBB’s rating and forum site for consumer opinion.

Regal Assets is clearly one of the top dealers in the country when it comes to precious metals, but what does it offer and how does it maintain its standing in the precious metals industry? More importantly, is the investment made with Regal Assets worth it? Let’s have a closer look at the company and find out.

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Investing in Gold IRA with Regal AssetsWhat Regal Assets is All About

Regal Assets focuses on several types of precious metals dealings, chief of which is buying and selling bullion, coins, and bars. Although consumers are well aware that the company deals with gold and silver, it also deals in other types of precious metals including palladium and platinum. While other precious metals dealers are limited to buying from and selling gold to places like Europe and North America, Regal Assets offers clients the opportunity to come by bullion and coins from as far as South Africa, making it one of the most preferred sellers of precious metals by many investors in and out of the country.

Aside from the traditional coin, bar, and bullion collection being offered to investors, Regal Assets also has several portfolios that one can take advantage of. Those who are looking to protect their assets and ensure the stability of their investments can opt for either the Merchant Package or the Knighthood Package, while those who want security during their retirement years can choose among the Legacy, Kingship, Dynasty, and Coronation portfolios.

Each portfolio has a different value from the others, with clients given guidance as to the best possible investment plan based on their needs and the sum of their assets. The Merchant and Knighthood portfolios for example are valued at $5,000 and $10,000 respectively, with Regal Assets providing reserves of gold and silver which can easily be liquidated when the need arises. The Legacy portfolio, which is geared toward retirement, allows an individual the opportunity to immediately earn profit on the investment by having a variety of precious metals included in the portfolio. The Coronation portfolio on the other hand, which is the most valuable of all the company’s recommendations, offers a minimum of $250,000 in precious metals reserves and is geared toward investors who want to guarantee wealth building for the long term.

The most popular offering by Regal Assets is the Gold IRA portfolio which allows an individual to invest in precious metals and apply them toward his or her 401K or any other retirement plan. With a Gold IRA, an individual can safely plan for his or her future knowing that the price of gold will keep increasing as the years pass. As explained by various experts, gold is the only commodity in the market that stays stable in price when values for stocks, options, and mutual funds are on a downward trend, therefore protecting one’s assets from different market factors that negatively impact other types of investments.

What does this all mean? Well for starters, an individual who invests in gold is more likely to have a solid retirement plan and a lucrative portfolio which he or she can enjoy upon retirement. So take for example two persons who invest the same amount of money at the same time, with one choosing a stock portfolio and the other choosing a gold IRA. With the market being already volatile and inflation rates skyrocketing, the person who chose to invest in a stock portfolio may very well lose his investment in 5 years’ time especially when it is improperly managed. The person who invested in gold on the other hand may end up with a comfortable nest egg, what with gold investments being resistant to market crashes and inflation rates. Regal Assets strives to achieve this for its clients, providing them with adequate guidance and expert advice on which options to take and how they can go about improving their gold IRA portfolio.

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Gold coin investing with Regal AssetsWhy Invest in Gold?

Gold has always been a status symbol among people, dating back to some of the earliest civilizations where those who had the most gold and precious metals were highly regarded and respected. Aside from the symbolism however, this precious metal has stood the test of time, retaining its value while other types of commodities suffered from devaluation.

In the trading industry, the stability of gold investments makes them viable additions to portfolios which contain volatile commodities because they even out losses and neutralize risks. Aside from this, gold investments only increase in value through time.

How to Invest with Regal Assets

Interested investors, whether buyers of bullion and bar or those who want to set up their precious metals portfolios, will need to first get in touch with Regal Assets so they can be given advice and as much information as possible before making a decision. Those who are new to precious metals investing on the other hand are given a free gold investing kit to help them learn the ropes of gold buying and selling.

The kit consists of several documents that prospective investors will find quite useful, among which include the history of precious metals and how gold has always been an excellent investment throughout the centuries. Aside from this document, Regal Assets also discusses retirement and how one can prepare for it by opening a gold IRA.

It should be noted that investing in a gold IRA or any portfolio with Regal Assets places an individual at a distinct advantage over others who have not yet decided to do so. This is because aside from providing solid portfolios, the principals of the company also provide portfolio management services to ensure that their clients’ assets are well taken care of and earning as much profit as possible on their investments. This is actually more than what other precious metals dealers and portfolio managers can offer.

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Investing in gold coins with Regal AssetsAdvantages of Investing with Regal Assets

Dealing with a company that has an excellent rating from some of the most reliable reporting agencies and sites is an advantage that investors can benefit from when they choose Regal Assets. Because of their standing, the company will always be looking for ways to ensure that their trust ratings do not suffer because of poor service offered to clients. As such, prospective investors can rest assured knowing that their assets are taken into consideration and are given the highest priority.

Another advantage to dealing with Regal Assets is the fact that it offers a wider selection of bullion and bars when compared to other precious metals dealers. The company has US, Mexican, British, and South African gold and silver pieces which can be very hard to find anywhere else. Anyone buying from Regal Assets can also rely on the 7-day delivery guarantee offered by the company, allowing investors to get a hold of their purchases in the soonest time possible.

Lastly, Regal Assets is not just about buying and selling gold and silver per se, as it offers several portfolios that investors can choose from based on their needs and investing preferences. There is a portfolio for every type of investor, so whether you want something that can immediately be liquidated or one that can provide long term gains you can choose which investments work for you best.

Gold Price Chart for Website and Blogs Offered by Regal AssetsDisadvantages of Investing with Regal Assets

Regal Assets works in such a way that makes it hard to find a drawback to their services. Every detail is taken care of and every investor is made aware of important aspects that may or may not affect their portfolios. What I found lacking is the information provided on their website, but this can easily be remedied by speaking with one of their investment experts. Aside from this, although there are several variations of bullion and bars from different countries included in their product line, the choices are still a bit limited. This can throw buyers off especially if the bullion or bar they’re looking for is not sold by Regal Assets.

Final Word on Regal Assets

All in all, Regal Assets is one company that you can choose to do business with when planning to invest in precious metals or just want to have the security offered by a gold IRA. The excellent ratings it has received and the numerous testimonials from some of the biggest precious metals investors is something that can’t be ignored when evaluating Regal Assets and its offerings, and this is what makes it stand out from other precious metals dealers. The 7-day delivery guarantee is also a bonus, as investors do not have to wait long before their purchases arrive in one piece. I certainly recommend Regal Assets to any precious metals investor, be it a rookie who is still learning the ropes or a veteran who has been investing in gold for the longest time.

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